Welcome on the official webside of EKOLAND Association.

Association of Food Producers with Ecological Methods EKOLAND is the first nationwide organization of organic farmers which was registered on the 1st of September 1989. Association EKOLAND has its own Criteria of Organic Production. Our criteria are more restrict then EU ones. For example we do not allow paralel ecological and conventional production on one farm. Farm controls with agreed criteria are carried out by authorized certification Bodies with which association cooperates. Organic farms which fulfil the Criteria of Organic Production can mark their products with the EKOLAND logo.     


In 2002 the Lubelski Branch of the EKOLAND Association was registered. The branch counts 20 organic farms which are placed in different regions of Lubelski Voivodship and other voivodships, eg. Wielkopolska Voivodship. In total we cover more then 313 ha. Our farms are very diverse:  among the others we have large area farms specialized in cereal crops and small area farms specialized in soft fruits production. We have farms producing vegetable for direct sale and supply of Bio-azar in Warsaw and Eko-bazar in Lublin. Also we have farms focused on large-scale vegetable production for organic proccesing. Other farms have milk and chess production. Among our farms we can find also a farm with horse breeding (Malopolska race) and a farm specialized in pumpkins, Red Kidney beans, valerian. We have also a farm focused on oilseeds and cold pressed oil production.

Although our farms are very individual in their profiles there is one common thing among all of them – certificate that confirm production compatibility with the Criteria of Organic Production of EKOLAND Association. We are very proud of the fact that among our farmers we have the pioneers of organic farming in Poland, in Lubelskie Voivodship – Mariola and Ryszard Karamon from Wólka Rudnicka. Karamon family has received their first EKOLAND certification in 1991. In our association we have also advisors. Our farmers are real enthusiasts of organic farming. They work on their farms with fondness and respect for the Earth.

Currently, the Association focuses its activities mainly on dissemination of knowledge about organic farming, promotion of organic products, organizing common sales and assistance in establishing trade relations between farmers, association members and recipients of organic farming products. The Association organize also workhops and trainings for its members. Members of the Association participate in different fairs, study tours and exhibitions in Lubelskie voivodship and in Rother parts of Poland. You can meets us also during international trade fairs as: BioFach, Organic Marketing Forum or NATURA-FOOD. From the very beginning we are present at the Seminar Dobre Zniwa organized already for 14 years by the Association ZIARNO.    

In 2016 the Association has launched a webside whose main tasks are:

– promotion of organic farming products,
– promotion of farmers and their farms associated within the Association,
– information about important events in organic sector and organic food market in Poland and abroad.


Part of our farms produce commodities that are successfully sold to foreign markets. Among the products we can mention: cereals (spelt, rye, oats, amaranthus), oil plants (pumpkin seeds, flax, white musztard), herbs (valerian), vegetable (onion, broccoli, Hokkaido pumpkin, Butternut pumpkin, Red Kidney beans, leek, cabbage), legume plants (seradella), soft fruit (raspberries, strawberries).    

Interested contractors we ask for contact in English at ekolandlublin@gmail.com

Board of Lubelski Branch of EKOLAND.